Administration and Management Sciences provides knowledge and expertise in the area of running a company, business firm, school, or other organizations. An administrator or manager is a person who manages or directs an institution.

Management is simply the effective and efficient use of resources.  Administrators and managers are employed in the department of administration and management of the most institution.

Administration and Management careers or professions are suitable for individuals with innate management or administration skills. Administrators possess general characteristics of extroverts and introverts; they are good in economics, directing, supervising, and managing resources and people.

Career Opportunities in this faculty include:

Administrator, Manager, Bank worker, Financial Manager or Investor, Accountant, Entrepreneur or Business Owner, Sales Consultant/Marketer, Business Administrator, Public Administrator, etc.

Traits of an Administrator                                                                                                          

  • They are effective communicators.
  • They are able to manage time.
  • They are able to motivate workers.
  • They are good leaders.
  • They are goal oriented.
  • They have analytical abilities.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Negotiating skills.
  • They are technically competent.
  • They possess an enquiring mind.
  • They are innovative.

From the traits above, administrators possess dominant traits of extroverts but also possess some introverted traits like analytical ability. Anyone can be an administrator as the traits can be learned.


Certification for any course in Faculty of administration can either be B.Sc (Hons) or B.A (Hons) depending on the institution. All administrative courses in Nigeria institution have duration of four (4) years.

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Administrative Courses And Their Descriptions and Prospects


Actuarial Science

Business Administration/Management

Banking and Finance


Human Resources Management


Public Administration