Animal scientists are researchers with the purpose of helping livestock industry improve. Their research is mostly focused on animals wherein they make tests on how to improve the immune system of livestock. They also deal with the rearing of animals (cattle, goat, pig, sheep and poultry) for food, industrial processing, sales and other purposes.

All Agriculture courses have five (5) years duration in Nigeria.

Subject Combination

English, Chemistry, Biology/Agric. Science and Physics/Mathematics.


Animal scientists work as consultants to government agencies and livestock industry. Some animal scientist finds lecturing job at the university and starts a business in the same industry base on their training and education.

Essential skills for Agriculturists

  • Ability to take initiatives
  • Good communication skills
  • Technical and analytical skills
  • Business acumen
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Computer skills
  • Sales and persuasion skills
  • Management skills

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