Architects (Architecture) design new buildings, extension or alterations to existing buildings and advise on the restoration and conservation of old properties.

They can work on individual buildings or on large redevelopment schemes, and be responsible for the design of the surrounding landscape and spaces.

They consider the way these buildings and structures look and make them functional, safe and economical to suit the needs of the people who use them.

Architecture is usually four years in most universities but because it is a vast field, some universities (e.g University of Lagos, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Ahmadu Bello University, Federal University of Technology Akure) incorporate an extra two (2) year’s master’s programmes to their syllabus making it six years.

This implies that their graduate will be awarded two certificate one for undergraduate and the other for postgraduate.

You need a minimum of two years working experience, a master’s degree in any of architecture majors and architect’s professional exam to become a licensed practitioner worldwide.

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Subject Combination

English, Physics, Mathematics, and any of chemistry, geography, art, Biology and Economics

Employers of Architects

Architects are typically employed by construction companies, furniture companies, interior design firms, commercial and industrial organization, a private architect firm, government agencies and university/colleges.

Essential Skills for Architects

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral with the ability to liaise effectively
  • High levels of creativity and imagination
  • Reasonable mathematical skills
  • Excellent IT skills, including computer-aided design skills
  • Strong team work and leadership skills
  • Good organization and negotiation skills
  • Sound analytical skills, accuracy and attention to detail

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