Fifth, what do you have to bring to the table of your relationship, other than your looks or money? This table am about to shake ehn. Jesu! Oh well, if you fall from the table, biko just use small bandage to bandage your wounds if you sustain any injuries. Doh.
If all you have to bring to a relationship are your good looks ALONE, then I have nothing to say other than the fact that you’ll soon realize that a relationship needs more than just your looks. If you don’t have empathy towards others, what are you going to say to your boyfriend when he has a very bad day or is going through some tough things?

Learn how to show empathy.

When he isn’t able to take you out to see that new movie because he just can’t afford it, will you throw a tantrum or be matured about it and understand? In fact what stops you from taking your boyfriend out sometimes sef? Sometimes, your boyfriend wants to talk about important stuff like how he’s going to get that internship he really wants. What happens if all you know is how good the pictures you took yesterday looked? Aunty, nobody wants a liability o. what are you bringing to the table? Because a smart and industrious woman is always better than a slay queen who cannot support her slayage!
Uncle did you think I forgot about you? Hold the table well o because this shaking might affect you o.
Just because your daddy gives you more pocket money than the average student does not exempt you from being a decent human being. Just because you can afford certain services does not mean you should be rude to the people who render that service to you and just because you bought your girlfriend that really expensive Toke Makinwa handbag and gave her some money to “take care of herself” does not mean you can demand that she “off pant” and then be mean when she refuses to.
My point is this, just because you have money does not exempt you from being a decent human being. If the rest of us can learn humility, so can you!
sixth, do you BOTH respect each other? This is a very serious question to ask o. I saw something online, that talked about a bride calling a neighbor to please drive her to her wedding, as her soon to be husband had refused to take her to the church, because there was only one car available and he was taking it, and she can find a way to get to the church on her own. That’s one of the most disrespectful things I’ve heard in recent times. The man was clearly saying, “am more important than you” which is something that should never find its place in marriage because Christ called us to love like he did the church by sacrificing his life for it.

Just like Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Its not only the women that get disrespected in relationships o. The men are also being disrespected a lot by the women they are in a relationship with, and that’s just appalling. Mutual respect should be something you both have for each other. Don’t let anyone believe that without them you can’t live. Have respect for yourself and see the wonders it will make in your life. Guys, if you like a girl, and you tell her and she refuses you, then please let her go o. You are too important to be running after one girl like that. Know your worth king! And ladies, if a guy so much as lifts his hands at you, drop his ass like hot potatoes. You are too amazing to be man handled like that. Know your worth, you’re a queen, act like it!!
Seventh, do you love yourself? I placed this as the seventh point because the number 7 means perfection and because I consider this to be the most important point, I think its definitely a perfect question you should ask yourself. Honey, if you don’t love yourself, how do you plan to love someone else? Its not possible!!! Learning to completely love yourself is so important. In fact its more important than falling in love, I believe. You see when you came to this life, you came with a consciousness that is so unique, there’s none like it in the world and when you die, the last voice you’ll probably hear is your own voice in your head. So why do we think its okay to ignore ourselves for so long and then think we’ll just know how to love someone else? If you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to fully love someone else.

Learn how to love yourself.

I know it sounds like am trying to dissuade you from going into a relationship, but really am not. What am really doing is trying to let you see that your time is very precious and shouldn’t be wasted on things you know aren’t going to benefit you in the long run. To teach you how to ask yourself questions that will save you from unneeded heartbreak which might bar you from actually focusing on a relationship that could be the real deal. My aim for writing this piece is to show you that you can be smart even when you are in love. Just because you’re in love does not mean you should discard common sense, biko take it along on your love journey and as you do, God bless you.