Dating in the 21st century can be like walking in a maze, in the dark, feeling totally disoriented and often times confused.

Dating as an undergraduate means that you are having all the above mentioned emotions and more while going through the rigors of the university. In one word, it can be HARD! And the funny and sad thing is that it is often times not worth it.

Further along the line I`ll be outlining ways to decide whether a relationship is worth getting into in the university at all (cos a’int nobody got time for a relationship that a`int `gon work!) but first ask yourself this question; why should I date?

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines dating as the series of activities a person carries out with the person they might have a romantic relationship with. Laidat?! Finish?

Is that all dating means?  I don’t think so. Dating someone should mean more than just hanging out with that person, but the funny thing is that that is exactly what happens. Boy meets girl, they go out on a date, go out together a couple more times, he sends her text messages that rhyme, they chat endlessly on WhatsApp, they like talking to each other and they talk, A LOT! Then he asks the magic question; will you be my girlfriend? At least the guy in this scenario took his time. For some it’s way more faster than that. Like, a guy will meet you this morning and in the evening he will be asking you to be his girlfriend and when you smartly ask him why, he will say, “because I love you” ahhh, uncle, na na?
…but I digress. My point is, it is quite easy to date and “ fall in love” in today’s society, but the flip side to this ease of entrance almost always guarantees an easy exit.

It is my opinion, that when you date someone you should do it with a clear head, having considered the pros and cons of dating that person, while analyzing the place you are in mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually at that time in your life. The decision to date someone shouldn’t be done lightly, simply because it is time consuming and you need all the time you have to either study or work AND study. At this point, I’ll be outlining ways to help you decide whether going into a relationship is worth it at all.

First, are you ready to be in a relationship? Before you jump and say “yes na, am in university already. Am a big boy/girl”

My brother, remember that it is daddy and mommy that are sending you pocket money o and it is from that money you’re going to use to take bae out to Mat Ice or Cold Stone and cinema to see the latest movie that all her friends have seen and have been telling her about. Plus, it is from that money that you are going to buy food stuff for yourself and data that you will still use to chat with bae.
Did I forget to add that sometimes, you will just want to be romantic and send bae small recharge card to use to sub? Did you know that when bae has a problem you will be her first and sometimes only source of a solution? And if you’re really matured, you’ll also want to pray for her and when she doesn’t understand a course, you may be asked to put her through ( you may not even understand the course but still you might be expected to put her through).
My point is, you are no longer just a you” when you date, you become “you and bae”.

To be continued!