Entrepreneurship is the new rule of the game in Nigeria.  Hi Firstly, before I reveal to you the new rule (entrepreneurship), let us all understand some basic terms and terminology.

THE GAME in this article simply means ”LIFE” or the social system that the world operates with. While ENTREPRENEURS as we all may know, are individuals with the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risk in order to make a profit. With this already established let’s proceed with this fascinating topic.

According to NBS (National Bureau Statistics) 18.8 million people are unemployed or underemployed, and practically speaking, the former rule of “finishing from school and looking for a job” is not effective any more in this 21st century e.g A company recently published 60 vacant positions and call for applicants. To my surprise, 600 people applied for just 60 vacant positions. My question here is what is the probability that you will be selected from among 600 persons.

The future of every nation is totally dependent on how productive it’s citizens are. Entrepreneurship is simply the way out of this dilemma because of the following reasons
Entrepreneurship birth’s innovation: Innovation is simply the introduction of new things, ideas or ways of doing something.

A lot of innovation experience in this 21st century is due to the fact that people are tired of the conventional way of doing things and decided to engage in a new model of doing things and therefore building business and fortune from it.

Entrepreneurship creates opportunities: Instead of queuing and looking for a job, you are creating a job and opportunities for other people. All entrepreneurs are job creators, and for example, some of our big Nigeria entrepreneur like Aliko Dangote, Jim Ovia e.t.c. By creating job opportunities for people, they also directly provide wealth for the people.

Starting small is a good way of starting, and no successful business started big. Interestingly small enterprises are the only sector that generates the large portion of total employment every year. Also, entrepreneurship ventures prepare and supply experience to the large industries.


Entrepreneurship helps to enhance the standard of living of the people: Nigeria as a nation still live below the America standard of poverty ( Living below one dollar per day). With the help of entrepreneurs who will venture and build successful businesses and brands and therefore improve and affect lives.


Imagine for a second there is no bakery in your community or no sachet water factory in your locality, observe and see how it will affect the well being of the people. It provides civilization with an enormous amount of goods and services and enhances social welfare.
Entrepreneurship gives people the avenue to focus their passion and energy:


The reliance on the government in Nigeria is constantly declining because people are no longer seeing the effect of government at work in improving their situations. Entrepreneurship helps people follow their passion with their whole mind and using their energy to build businesses that will provide solutions to humanity’s problem.


Entrepreneurship is a dynamic way of creating wealth: the increment in wealth is as a result of adding values to the lives of others. As an entrepreneur, people will pay you for your goods and services that you offer to them with a monetary value.

Entrepreneurship is the new rule of the game that will cause a change in our nation Nigeria.
We all as a nation need a turnaround in the system and affairs of life and the solution is embracing ENTREPRENEURSHIP.