Foresters manage and conserve forest resources for continuous and effective use. They engage in a broad range of activities including timber harvesting, wild life protection, ecological restoration and management of protected areas. They also manage forests to provide a variety of objectives including extraction of raw material, outdoor recreation, conservation, hunting, and aesthetics.

All Agriculture courses have five (5) years duration in Nigeria.

Subject Combination

English, Chemistry, Biology or Agriculture and Physics or Mathematics


Foresters work at research institutions, university (as lecturers), museums, games reserves, zoological gardens and parks, snailery, timber production, and ‘bush meat production and processing businesses. Foresters can be self-employed as consultants and agricultural business owners.

Essential skills for Agriculturists

  • Ability to take initiatives
  • Good communication skills
  • Technical and analytical skills
  • Business acumen
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Computer skills
  • Sales and persuasion skills
  • Management skills

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