Medical doctors/practitioners, Pharmacists and Health Scientists study the human body, diseases and conditions, and work towards improving human health. Through research, they determine the causes of diseases and develop ways to prevent or treat them.

Medicine and surgery have Six (6) years duration in most institution while some other institutions offer for as long as seven (7) years. Pharmacy is five years in schools awarding only B.Pharm but six (6) years at institutions awarding Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D). Basic medical and Health courses are four (4) years in duration.


All these professions are employed in the hospital, research and medical laboratory, colleges/universities, consultancy, scientific research and development. They can also set up their medical businesses like a hospital, clinical laboratory, dental centres, and health centres etc.


Graduates of Medical, Basic medicals, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences are awarded certificate bearing a title of; M.B.B.S., MB.B.Ch.B.,B.Ch.D., B. Pharm, Pharm D., B.Sc., depending on the institution.

Career Opportunities include:

Physician, Surgeon, Optometrists, Nurse, Pharmacists or Pharmacologist, Dentist, Dermatologist, Dental Assistant/Technician, Health Worker, Nutritionist/Dietitian, Medical laboratory scientist, Anatomist, Veterinary Doctor/Surgeon, Physiotherapist, Physiologist, etc.

Essential skills for medical and health practitioners

  • Empathy, patience and sensitive
  • Scientific ability
  • Calmness in pressurized or emotional situations
  • Critical and analytical thinking skill
  • A logical and inquisitive mind
  • A good ethical grounding
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Listening skills and attention to details

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Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Health Sciences Courses Career Descriptions and Prospects



Human Nutritionist and Dietetics

Medicine and Surgery

Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Rehabilitation








Veterinary Medicine/Science