Quantity surveyors are professionals who work with the construction industry, concerned with construction cost and contracts. Surveyors provide the following services; cost planning and commercial management, value engineering, risk management, cost management etc.

They seek to minimise the costs of a project and enhance value for money, while still achieving the required standards and quality. This includes ensuring statutory building regulations are met.

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Subject Combination

English, Physics, Mathematics, and any of Chemistry, Geography, Art, Biology and Economics

Employers Of Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveyors are typically employed by architects, commercial businesses, large engineering consultancies and housing associations, large international mechanical contractors, government agencies, the office of private quantity surveyor (PQS), petroleum engineering companies, property developers, the survey sections of the building and civil engineering contractors.   They also work for construction firms, consultancies or could be self-employed.

Essential Skills for Quantity Surveyor

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral with the ability to liaise effectively
  • High levels of creativity and imagination
  • Reasonable mathematical skills
  • Excellent IT skills, including computer-aided design skills
  • Strong team work and leadership skills
  • Good organization and negotiation skills
  • Sound analytical skills, accuracy and attention to detail

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