Ezinwa  Chioma Miriam
Fashion Designer – Campus-preneur

I am Ezinwa  Chioma Miriam. A final year student of University of Benin, Benin City. The CEO of Mira-Omah Couture.


I graduated from secondary school the year 2010 at a very young age. Then my parents didn’t allow me to write Jamb Examination because I was way too young in their eyes. When I actually started to sit for the exam, I couldn’t get admission into the school of my choice.

It was in 2013 September, my mum advised I start learning another skill to add to my baking skill instead of staying at home day after day. So tailoring was her suggestion. It was one hell of an idea, I was like. “For real, Tailoring?”


At last, I started and of a truth it wasn’t an easy ordeal. I had occasional muscle pull, body aches and the likes because I started with manual machine. Thank God for my siblings, they take turns in massaging my body when I return from work almost on daily basis. Adding to that I started to slim down due to the unusual stress unlike when I stayed at home 24/7.

Another challenge was my Boss. She made me work for real and not send me on errands like most fashion home owners. That was the reason I could pick a lot within the few months I stayed with her.

Some pictures of my work. 


Yeah! you all know I could have abandoned the whole tailoring idea since I got admission into the university but I couldn’t, not like I didn’t want to but I just couldn’t, rather I had to only get better at what I was doing.

My mum was my first inspiration as she pushed me into learning the skill; my second inspiration is my field of study. God being all knowing, He already knew what I will be before He formed me so He made lines to fall unto me in pleasant places. Imagine Chioma who gets irritated by the sight of blood studying Nursing. I laugh at myself at every flashing of that thought.

University of Benin changed my career choice from Nursing to Home Economics Education and it was awesome studying this course because I passed without the stress my colleagues put in to make good grades. I was actually one of the best in practical works especially when it comes to anything sewing. I was admired in class, so it inspired me to major in fashion; learn harder.

My work


You may ask; How did I go about this business as a students, attending lectures, making sure my academics wasn’t lagging behind and also fellowship activities.

Here are some tips that helped me through my success, at least for now;

  1. Make sure you are having a good stand with God. His Grace does a lot.
  2. Proper time management.
  3. Avoid procrastinating.
  4. Draft out a good reading time table, knowing yourself and placing your priorities accordingly.
  5. Surround yourself with positive and inspiring friends who push out the best in you.


Being an Home Economics student, I have access to sewing machines during school hours on week days. Then on Saturdays or holidays, I have a tailor who owns a shop outside school campus. We had an agreement that I will pay her #200 whenever I come around to make use of her sewing machine. I agreed to that but as a matter of fact, she collected the #200 just once for reasons personally known to her and I call that favor as far as I am concerned.

Some other businesses I did as an undergraduate “Campus-preneur include: Buying Hair Extensions  (weavon), Ladies Sandals and Slippers and putting them for sale in the hostels.


Working for myself in a business I am passionate about has taught me to push myself and stay optimistic. My advice to you student out there is that you should explore your talent/skill and add passion to it. Yes! You got all it takes. Take a bold step and start it somehow. Make a mistake and learn from it and despite them all, never give up.

NB: You must not start it big, start it now then give the testimony later. Believe in yourself, stay positive and always pray for God’s direction.

So as a student, are you looking for a fashion designer you can trust to tailor it to your taste?

Mira-Omah couture is here for you

Facebook: Ezinwa Chioma Miriam

Whatsapp: 08137203020

Call: 09092623915

See you at the top, I love you thickly!