Some ways of loving yourself includes:

  • Don’t be afraid to say no. don’t say yes when all you really want to say is no.
  • Don’t allow people take advantage of you. Or your generosity.
  • Does confronting someone make you uncomfortable? Well, pony up honey, cos in life, confrontations are unavoidable and sometimes, it is the difference between you being stepped on or not.

    Don’t be scared of confrontations

  • Take time out for yourself. Set a day aside to just be alone. You could go see a movie alone or take yourself on a vacation if you can afford it.

    Spend time with yourself.

  • Protect yourself. Protect yourself from joy stealers, peace destroyers and rest of mind annihilators. If this means, blocking someone on social media, DO IT. If this means deleting the person’s number, DO IT. If it means telling the person to his or her face that you need time away from them, DO IT. PROTECT YOURSELF.
  • Cultivate good and healthy relationships.

    Surround yourself with good friends.

  • Pay attention to your mental health.
    Don’t get involved in unnecessary arguments or drama. A’int nobody got time for that!!
  • Focus on your goals and acts of self development. In other words, face front!


  • And finally, LOVE GOD and YOUR NEIGHBOR.


This might all sound like am trying to turn you into a selfish person, but really am not, because, you can’t fully love someone else if you don’t love yourself. You owe it to your future spouse, kids, parents, siblings and friends to know and love yourself, because it will make you a better person for yourself and them.
At the end of the day, loving yourself means doing things that benefit you, not only for the time being, but also for the future. Loving yourself means, you refuse to entertain anything that steals your joy or even puts your mental health in jeopardy. So, yes, break up with that boyfriend that make you feel small or unworthy of love and secure your mental health boo. By all means, leave the location of that date when your date is more than an hour late. Tell that your friend who always compliments you and follows it with a ‘but’, to put their hands on their chest and say ‘I don’t have sense but thank God its not something that is communicable’, then go ahead and compliment yourself well.
Love yourself so much, that anybody who crosses your path is motivated to learn to love themselves.

I hope you love yourself to the point where you realize that the greatest gift you can give yourself and your loved ones is THE GIFT OF BEING YOU.