Self awareness is defined by The Merriam-Webster dictionary as the knowledge and awareness of your own personality or character. What that means is that you KNOW yourself. You understand how you will react in certain situations and you also know why you react the way you do. When you completely strip yourself of everything physical, and you’re left with what can be deemed as the true essence of a person, you recognize that person and you understand the importance of LOVING that person.
There’s a scene from the Disney movie “ A Wrinkle In Time” where the character ‘Mrs. Which’ played by Oprah Winfrey asks the young girl ‘Meg’: “Do you realize how many events, the choices that had to occur since the birth of the universe, leading to the making of you. Just exactly the way you are?”
I believe that a lot of us have never asked ourselves that question. Have you ever sat down to think about the beauty that is you?

Do you ever think about what makes you, you?

And I don’t mean your physical beauty, I mean the miracle that is you. A living, breathing, thinking being. A complex mass of nerves, blood, muscles, emotions and everything else that makes us human. And even with all that, your uniqueness doesn’t end there, no siree, it does not. There’s no other exact version of YOU!! You are so unique that there’s no two of you anywhere on Gods green earth.

I know you’ve probably heard of all this already but ask yourself this question, ‘do I really love myself?’ To show you how unpopular it is for someone to love his/her self in todays age; when you see someone who is self aware and understands the importance of loving his or her self, people don’t understand them. They are sometimes viewed as brash or selfish. Because people are so unused to loving themselves it seems weird when they see other people unconditionally loving themselves. For example, that’s why when someone refuses to entertain a certain form of foolishness like their time being wasted, they might be seen as proud and aloof.

When you practice self love, You may be seen as proud.

I can’t tell you how to love yourself because I don’t know you, but guess what? You do! You know yourself, and if you don’t, then try and get to know you. Spend time alone with yourself. Be your own friend. And when you know yourself, love yourself. Unapologetically!!!

Love yourself unapologetically.

See ya, in part two of this post 😘.