The world I sail to see. From my side, I saw another side. Between us is a great sea, so great as that Moses parted back then.
The sea seems to be the link and same time a barrier between possibilities and impossibilities; impossibilities that brought decadence and has eaten deep into the mentality of my people. It has so overwhelmed us that good works no longer appeal and are becoming possibly impossible, as they’ll often ask “You mean in this world?” and laugh sarcastically.

I could have joined them to laugh, think and be more wretched in the filthy and naughty thoughts… but something is different. My conscience pricked me and wouldn’t let me rest. I’m pushed to making decisions and choices, ones of possibilities in impossibilities. I told a friend about it and as usual, he laughed and said: “You mean in this world?”
“Yes, in this world, through another world”. I replied, ran to the shore, picked a boat and sailed to the world I want to see.

The World I Sail To See

A world:

  • Where the playing of moral songs in gathering by disk-jockeys become a norm.
  • That is abortion free. Where pro-choice will see the essentiality of vital choice, value lives and pro-life won’t give up.
  • Of equity. The vision to cause equality in man and woman will be a great war. Whether we agree or not, men are destined to be the head. This doesn’t mean women can’t lead in one capacity or the other. Of course, there have been great women leaders, yet the place of men cannot be negotiated. Even if the law allows equality, nature and fate will bind it. I want a world that’ll end a war that won’t stop and give fair treatment and hearing to women. A land where men find it a responsibility to treat women and girl children with the utmost respect. “Remember you can never be without women as much as you might not agree that women can survive without you. Men have might, women possess grace”.
  • Where young people with intelligence and good intentions will rule and citizens of my grandparents’ age will acknowledge their status and give a chance to use advanced technology.
  • That finds joy in seeing joyful people and would implement rightly at right time to make things alright.
  • Where men keep virginities as much as they’ll want a woman to keep it. Citizens that aren’t sex beasts. The other side of more Josephs and no Shechem’s, Amnon’s and Jonadab.
  • Where human lives are more valued than animals.
  • Where likes repel and unlike attracts.

The above mentioned are directly opposite what happens where I migrated from. Do well to join me to sail, there are plenty of boats on the shore. In case you’re at my destination already, please remain. Better is The World I Sail To See.


Obele Esther is a 300 level student of the department of Dnatomy, University of Benin. I love telling stories that inspires.