A University Teaching Hospital is an institution which combines the services of a hospital with the education of medical students and medical research.

Some career fields and courses available in university teaching hospitals include:

Emergency medical technician,


Preoperative nursing,

Paediatric nursing,

Health technology,

Biotechnology and biomedical engineering,

Occupational therapy,


Audiology technician,

Radiology technician,

Anaesthetics technician,

Plaster technician,

Dental surgery technician,

Medical image processing technician,

School of health information management,

Medical office record and so on.



Graduates of university teaching hospital are typically employed in hospitals, health-related institutions and other organizations that have hospitals, clinics, and health centres. Examples are military and police hospitals.

There are quite a number of schools of health technology in Nigeria offering these courses and more. I have provided you with list of university teaching hospitals in Nigeria here.